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, obama has done none of these things in terms of picking teams. he has filled out his bracket a lot like he has governed. dispassionately and with a clear aversion to risk. >> it's a great insight. jonathan maler is a columnist at bloomberg, a friend of mine, i've been touting this piece because i love it so much. one of the points he makes is, well, in the second term, maybe obama would take more risk. but his bracket is, no. he's got indiana winning the whole thing and actually says on the air, says, well, i've got louisville going to the final four. i guess that's not a surprise. they -- jonathan points out that he didn't even pick his alma mater, harvard. >> well, who did? >> right. well, it is true that all the analysts were saying that new mexico is the real deal and then go deep in the tournament, right, and harvard knocked them off. so, yeah. it's a wonderful piece. and it sort of -- you know obama by his bracket. and it's really true. >> he wants to be right. >> yeah. >> doesn't want to be sentimental. he wants to be right. >> yeah, well, you know, one thing about the ncaa, if y
'm no expert in that region. but when you watch -- when you watch great powers, the single overriding mistake they make is to think they know more than they know. >> yeah. >> another big story this morning. the nation's debate on gun reform where president obama's initiative to reduce violence in america has been severely weakened. democratic majority leader harry reid announced the most controversial and ambitious part of the president's proposal a ban on assault weapons will not make the final cut when he brings the bill up for a debate. >> but, right now, her amendment using the most optimistic numbers, has less than 40 votes. that's not 60. i have to get something on the floor so we can have votes on that issue and the other issues i talked about and what i'm going try to do. i'm not going to put something on the floor that won't succeed. i want something that will succeed. >> senator dianne feinstein, who sponsored the bill, was clearly irritated. the california democrat told reporters, quote, obviously, i'm disappointed. i tried my best, but my best i guess wasn't good enough. you'd thi
. at that time, you could assume extremism would not have the ability to organize to this -- to the great extent they probably organize now. at the beginning, and i am asking yolks because you're at -- asking you because you were at these compositions, against a regime that is a supported obama -- supported by iran? i will keep it short because there is a lot i want to ask. >> to be very brief, congressman, i, personally, do not agree we waited so long. we were helping democracy activists when i'd was in syria in 2011. we were doing a lot to help them. >> what was the reason to hold legal aid at that point? >> a lot of people in syria did not want outside interference in their uprising, the revolution. for a long time. through 2011. the syrians themselves wanted their demonstrations to be peaceful. armedid not want foreign intervention. they were bitterly criticizing iran for their intervention. >> i am talking about when it came to a shooting war. i am trying to figure this out because i do not know the answer. this is a difficult quandary. let me ask another question. when we talk about the re
, barack obama. mr. president. >> thank you, so much. everybody.g, secretary, thank you for administering the oath and making it official. friends, it is a great pleasure to have you here and be able house to greet some of by fellow citizens as the end -- of the united states. today you are in the people's house, a house designed by an irish immigrant. we welcome 28 men and women, immigrants themselves who from this day forward have earned the precious right to call this country home. i know this is an incredibly special moment for you, your families, but i have to say it is a special moment for the rest of us as well, because as we look out across this room, we are reminded that what makes someone american is not just their bloodlines, not just an accident of birth, it is a fidelity to our founding principles. that anyone, idea anywhere, can write the next great chapter in this american story. that is the promise of america. today we know it is alive and well in each and everyone of you. at first glance it would be easy to describe this group by their differences. they all hail from diff
are designed to prevent the great united states of america from becoming greece or spain or perhaps something worse. the sky is falling. ,e also, on this committee subcommittee, had a hearing that was entitled the obama administration regulatory war on the economy. very ominous. falling,pparently is notwithstanding the fact that the administration has created about 6 million private sector jobs. today, there is a thing advanced by some, again, not questioning the views of many good faith members, but the theme is that criminals have been unleashed on the american public. the question that has been posed is, is this policy or politics? i would note parenthetically that i believe in my reading of obamand amendment, barack is constitutionally prohibited from running for office again because he was elected and reelected. i'm not sure how politics could make their way into this discussion from the electoral context. putting that aside, the issue of whether criminals have recklessly been unleashed on the american public is an interesting one. 2220 people who are at issue in terms of their release f
. everybody have a great weekend and cirque du soleil, he is weird. >> take it away . ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> good friday morning. i'm jannelle wang. marla and jon kelley are off. happening now, president obama is in his third and final full day of his trip to the middle east. this is video in the newsroom of the president landing in jordan, one of the closest allies. president obama is meeting with king abdullah in ahman to discuss the spillover effect of syria's war and the 350,000 refugees there. the president started the day by visiting the hall of names in jerusalem where he laid a wreath. a memorial to each and every jewish person who died in the holocaust. mr. obama spoke about the lessons of the holocaust and reminded israel about the importance of having its own security. after that the president traveled to bethlehem where he toured with mahmoud abbas. palestinian flags greeted president obama in a courtyard outside the church, which is considered to be the oldest continuously operating christian church in the entire world. >>> here
Search Results 200 to 206 of about 207 (some duplicates have been removed)